Cass Sinclair

Executive Director

Cass's Bio

Cass Sinclair has a Master’s in Business Administration with an undergraduate degree in Human Communication. While an undergraduate, Cass was the Assistant Producer of the One World Performing Arts Series at Southern Oregon University. Upon graduation, Cass was hired as a Cardiovascular Sales Specialist for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and was promoted to President’s Circle for performing in the top 1% of the sales force. From AstraZeneca, Cass went to American Cancer Society as a Quality-of-Life Specialist directing programs and services in 5 counties. Prior to coming to OHRA, Cass served Jackson County Public Health as a Community Outreach Educator and Syringe Exchange Program Coordinator, in HIV Prevention, Disease Prevention, and harm-reduction. In 2019, Cass was hired by OHRA as the Winter Shelter Director, was promoted to Senior Director of Program Services overseeing the Shelter, the OHRA Community Resource Center, and the Laundry Shower Trailer programs. On May 1, 2021, Cass was promoted to Executive Director of OHRA.

Lisa Smith

Director of Program Services

Dave Stoebel

Grants Specialist

Julie Carr

Director of Administration

Katie Blomgren

OHRA Center Supervisor

Jackie Agee

Development Director

Zoë Templeton

Assistant Director of Development

Peter McBennett

Facilities Supervisor

Tina Stevens

Lead Resource Navigator