Partnerships for Supportive Housing

At OHRA, we envision a community where everyone has shelter. Through The OHRA Resource Center and our navigation services, we work to keep people housed and find housing for those experiencing homelessness. A housing solution may look different depending on the individual, but OHRA navigators use a holistic approach when seeking housing for guests. Building connections with community partners, private landlords, property management companies, and specialized housing providers, OHRA is getting more people housed than any other organization in Jackson County.

For people living with mental health challenges or substance use disorder, finding a housing solution can present unique challenges. OHRA utilizes referrals to both Columbia Care as well as Options for Southern Oregon. Both organizations provide a range of housing solutions for people living with mental health or addiction recovery needs. They may need more support than just a roof over their heads. The right housing solution provides a greater rate of success. Working with partners such as these organizations, OHRA can work with our guests to find the right solution for them.

In March 2023, through our referral partnership with Columbia Care, OHRA found new supportive housing at Rogue Ridge Apartments in Ashland for eight individuals who had been living at the shelter. Rogue Ridge is Columbia Care’s new 28-unit Permanent Supportive Housing program providing affordable housing to local citizens who are low-income and without housing, particularly those living with mental health challenges. Stable, safe, and affordable supportive housing can help to increase mental wellness for people who have experienced homelessness, as well as provide additional care and social services to help those individuals maintain their housed status.

We are grateful to have referring partnerships with entities like Columbia Care and Options to provide the best access and support to the guests we serve at the OHRA Center.

Rogue Ridge apartments in Ashland are managed by Columbia Care Services and receive referrals from OHRA.
Columbia Care’s Rogue Ridge apartments in Ashland, OR.

Written by OHRA


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June 29, 2023